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Let’s strip the red tape! Chain is a non-bureaucratic and no-nonsense consultancy that helps clients save time on admin processes in HR and Finance.

Established in 2020, we are currently six experienced business partners, who used to walk in your shoes. We’ve felt the agony of making coherence in disparate data and processes and wasting time on seemingly costly and ineffective repetitive admin tasks. But we know the benefits your organization can reap from simple, effective processes. And we like to share.

We believe in pragmatic solutions based on strategic, yet realistic plans. We value a mutually respectful cooperation with our clients and their employees based on trust, knowledge and teamwork. In short; we get things done – with you, and for you!

Frank Døssing
Partner, OneStream Implementation Consultant

Picture of Frank Døssing

Let me be frank. Frank Døssing. You may think I am a bit of an IT geek, because my entire professional life has practically revolved around technology. But, admittedly, I get my kicks from solving complex business code logic in the CPM/EPM world.

I dream of becoming the next bakeoff champ – but I still have to work on my sourdough … Oh, and I am huge fan of dad jokes, but jokes about German sausages are the wurst!

Micaela Meier Vestermann
Partner, OneStream Implementation Consultant

Picture of Micaela Meier Vestermann

Hey, I am Micaela – I have worked with financial management the past two decades, helping organizations get on top of the many tasks via system implementation and use. My colleagues appreciate my ability to solve problems, whether they are operational or strategic. Myself, I just like to make teams better by offering my help.

Though I am no Flo-Jo, my batteries are recharged doing sports, while at the same time being an opportunity to meet new people.

Jesper Rørbæk-Christensen
Partner, OneStream Implementation Consultant

Picture of Jesper Rørbæk-Christensen

Yes, I am Jesper. I want to say something funny, but I like accounting, so that’s not really going to happen. I’m the kind of guy who thinks that auditing, reporting, tax and VAT management are exciting – so my fan club resides mainly in the finance departments, where I help creating overview and consolidate data by means of IT solutions.

When I am not juggling numbers, I’m an avid trail runner as I like crossing uneven grounds and uncovering the roads less travelled.

Laila Nørgaard
Founder, Managing Partner

Picture of Laila Nørgaard

Have we met before? I am Laila, and I’ve been in the IT/technology industry for the past two decades – ranging sales, consultancy, delivery and people management. I am not your average desk girl; I like to get my hands dirty. I am a firm believer in merging people and technology to create better, smarter and simpler solutions – and you will often find me in the front office discussing and contemplating new ways with those who feel the challenges.

You may occasionally have seen me at the CrossFit Center – that’s because I am foodie. The way to my heart is definitely through the mouth.

Henrik R. Mortensen
Founder, Partner, HR & Consulting

Picture of Henrik R. Mortensen

I am Henrik Mortensen, an old fart in IT businesses and technology. People say I am good at organizing and managing projects. Maybe it’s because I am as tall as a pro basketball player, I am able to see things from above.

I am driven by teamwork and known as the organization’s wingman. I am a great music lover, so if you must complain, I prefer you do it in a rhythm I can play.

Jaspar Olesen
Senior EPM Consultant

Picture of Jaspar Olesen

Hey! I am Jaspar, how are you doing? With experience from Maersk as an OneStream engineer, I wanted to try the other side, as a consultant.

I’m a problem solver with a background in math, finance, accounting and economics. I'm a team player and like to help and share knowledge, so we can grow together. I also like to tease, which can backfire, but I guess that is part of the fun.

In my sparetime I like to read books, cook, do sports (tennis, football and golf) and play boardgames (chess being the favorite). Feel free to challenge me, but there will be no mercy from my side, so be prepared for a tough fight.

Jarl Joachim Christiansen
EPM Consultant

Picture of Jarl Joachim Christiansen

Hey, I am Jarl Christiansen, a fresh mindset yet experienced in the IT/technology industry. Started in Finance, got a taste of IT in the ERP-world, and now I’m hooked on EPM. Every morning I pack my bag with a happy mood and an appetite for great coffee – it makes the challenges more fun.

I get a kick out of translating customer pains into application gains. I have too much energy to sit around and watch sports, rather hit the gym or just any kind of sports.

Johnafelle Pleyto
Senior EPM Consultant

Picture of Johnafelle Pleyto

Hi, I am Johnafelle - and I’m back! After a 2-year detour, I am excited to be back, and to continue learning more of OneStream. I may be fun-sized, but I have compressed a lot of knowledge and experience into this structure, and I use them as tools on performing my daily tasks at work. As a highly sociable person, I always keep a pocket full of smiles to share with everyone I meet.

When I’m not working, you’ll probably find me by the beach, or maybe I’m just at home chilling with family and friends. But I am always up for anything, so just hit me up as I am never not ready for another adventure.

Catherine Mara Rodriquez
Senior EPM Consultant

Picture of Catherine Mara Rodriquez

Hi I'm Catherine, aka. Mara. I've been coding inside OneStream for several years. I have a background in Business Administration and Major in Computer Application, so coding for me is a fun game. I'm always excited about exploring the abilities of applications to solve the clients' complex business cases by altering or creating new paths inside the application.

Not only do I like to explore at work, I also do so in my spare time. So, if you can't find me in front of a computer, my adventurous side is out hiking, or I'm probably stuck on top of a mountain.

Aldren Mateo Villaruel
Senior EPM Consultant

Picture of Aldren Mateo Villaruel

Hello! I am Aldren. I have always liked technology and helping people so when I found out about EPM applications, I saw it as the perfect career path. I am a licensed accountant in the Philippines, but OneStream is the area where I get the most 'AHA!'' moments and the more I immerse myself in it, even after many years, the more I feel that possibilities are endless, which I enjoy sharing with my clients and colleagues.

In my spare time, I like to play role-playing games. I know all about Pokémon and I have a love-hate relationship with Princess Zelda. I also like trying different food and having fun talks with my friends… and I would like to think that I enjoy working out too.

Princess Jasmine Montealegre
Senior EPM Consultant

Picture of Princess Jasmine Montealegre

Hello, I'm Princess Jasmine aka PJ and I have a bachelor’s degree in accounting. I have a crush on coding and solving problems. I've enjoyed working with implementation and developing ERP/EPM systems for almost a decade now.

I’m a curious person, so in my spare time, I love exploring new places, cultures and especially their delicacies. I'm also a stay-at-home-person, but I don’t just sit around - I enjoy a good thriller or crime show to challenge myself and solve the mystery before the investigators – it’s a good brain work-out!

Christine Mara Rodriguez
EPM Consultant

Picture of Christine Mara Rodriguez
Soon to come....

Jaypee Perez
EPM Consultant

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Soon to come....

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